Personalized music box to Christmas

Wooden music box with personal engraving and two options of tunes.
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Jingle bells:
Merry Christmas:

Personalized music boxes with different music themes

Music theme "Castle in the sky"

Music theme "Happy birthday to you":

Music theme "Love story":

Music theme "Swan Lake":

Music theme "Canon":

Music theme "Memory":

Music theme "Fur Elise":

Music theme "You are my sunshine":

Music theme "Lullaby":

Music box Game of Thrones with main music theme

This music box is new item in the shop MustHaveGift. We offer four style of top cover of the box: House Stark logo, House Targaryen logo, House Lannister logo and House Baratheon logo.

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Music box Harry Potter with main music theme.

This music box is new item in the shop MustHaveGift. We offer two style of top cover of the box: Hogwards castle and Hogwards logo.

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Delicate heart necklace to Valentine holiday.

Beautiful Heart necklace in floral style by IrenAdler is perfect gift for Valentine's day. It was decorated with pearl flowers and green small leaves.

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Нежное ажурное сердечко-кулон с жемчужными цветочками замечательный подарок на день всех влюбленных.

Купить можно здесь.

Dog clock with different breeds, inspired by Dog 101

MustHave Gift workshop made four design of dog clocks with dog breeds instead щаnumbers. There are big dogs in first clock design - shepherd, labrador, bulldogs.

The second design includes breeds of small decorative dogs - spitz, chihuahua, toy terrier and other.

third design is a dogs in different poses:

And fourth design is desk clock with dogs of first design.

Any dog lovers can choose clocks here

Art Nouveau earrings with natural gemstones

First pair of long earrings in Art Nouveau style with opal and amethyst is the most popular earrings in the shop. The socond pair of modern earrings decorated with citrine, pearls and smoky quartz. This jewelry is the best addition to the dress for a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Can buy here.

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